US 41 Reconstruction & Expansion Project

Public involvement assistance was provided for the $1 billion US 41 highway capacity expansion project in Brown and Winnebago counties, WI. As part of the project, an extensive public involvement program was implemented to address the multifaceted aspects of the largest construction project in the history of the Northeast Region. Coordinating over 250 outreach meetings and events throughout the two counties was a key aspect of the program. This included public information meetings, business outreach, Community Sensitive Design (CSD) outreach, roundabout education, and small group meetings. the public involvement team also coordinated display booths and kiosks for events such as business expos, fairs and festivals, Native American events, and professional/industry conferences.  

Print and electronic com­munication materials (PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets, newsletters, web content, interactive communications) were developed for the project and utilized at public outreach events, distributed along the corridor, and posted on the project website/social media sites. The team also maintained a project contact database/listserv of over 5,000 residents and businesses throughout the corridor. 

Ms. De Vor was also responsible for managing the project neighborhood liaisons who conducted knock-and-drops. The liaisons would go door to door within a defined area to distribute project information, provide meeting notices and collect contact data to continually build the project database. 

Project Highlights


Wisconsin Department of Transportation,  Northeast Region Office


Brown and Winnebago counties, WI