Wisconn Valley Development Roads

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is working with the village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County on the reconstruction of several state, village and county roadways around the new Foxconn Development in Kenosha and Racine counties, WI. 

This is a fast-moving project and keeping the public and stakeholders informed is imperative. Early on, the project team focused on initial designs, gathering data, and meeting with stakeholders and the public. As the project progresses, detailed designs, staging, traffic control and traffic management have become critical elements of the public outreach program. The plan includes outreach on a regional, local and individual basis.

The Public Involvement Team is using a range of resources, activities, advisory groups and media outreach to communicate and seek input at project milestones and on key issues. 

Key outreach elements include:

  • Implementing the PI Plan 
  • Facilitating and attending meetings with key stakeholders, business associations and individual businesses, and the general public
  • Preparing and distributing informational brochures 
  • Communicating project updates and construction forecasts through one-on-one meetings, electronic mailings and literature drops
  • Providing materials for the project Website
  • Organizing and facilitating business signing, and creating directional tools/sheets for affected businesses
  • Communicating project impacts to elected officials (municipal, city, county, state and federal) through one-on-one meetings and group briefings
  • Providing weekly project photos for media interviews, project outreach and website updates

Project Details


Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Southeast Region Office  


Kenosha and Racine counties, WI

Project Contact:

Athena Lorono, Public Involvement Lead

(262) 933-0467